Development Sites

One of wpre’s areas of expertise is in property development and project marketing predominantly residential properties in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Whether it’s developing new projects or adding value to existing sites, wpre can manage a project from start to finish and provide an all-encompassing service including site procurement, valuation, research, risk analysis, feasibility study and project marketing.

Property Development

This entails the inspiration, foresight and opportunity to convert a single property into a multi-dwelling development and provide our valued clients with substantial financial and personal gain. To discuss opportunities in Melbourne property development or to learn more about our up and coming developer seminars please, contact Dean Lupson on 0458 527 632 or email him at [email protected]

We oversee the property portfolio or development project from start to finish, including: identifying suitable sites, concepts & planning, site analysis, understanding cost feasibility, obtaining relevant intelligence, site sourcing, Town Planning designs and drawings, development approvals, building permits, project management, multi-channel management(teamwork) and controlling the necessary resources to achieve the best outcome.

Project Marketing

Every project is treated differently and therefore we adapt the campaign to suit the projects individuality. Our quality up-to-date resources and marketing intelligence are applied to a target market in a timely manner in order to attract more qualified buyers.

We offer unparalleled customer service through:

  • The invaluable benefit of a qualified database
  • Utilisation of our sales channels through our networks established over the past 40 years
  • Our connections with foreign investors.

These valuable assets assist us to drive detailed and targeted campaigns that will help attract the right types of buyers for your property – along with the management of enquiries and working through negotiations that lead to qualified buyers.

We use both print and digital marketing resources in conjunction with each other to maximize the customer reach and this is carefully exposed to the market in a timely manner.

We also have access to and gather relevant information through accredited resources in order to assist our clients in making informed decisions. Conducting research is an important tool to help our clients understand what their property is worth, current market conditions, financial feasibility and a suitable marketing campaign that will help to drive a successful outcome.

For more information on the Melbourne property development market or to learn more about our services, contact wpre today.