Puppy yoga - Studio 3 Moonee Ponds

One of the newer fads to hit Melbourne is yoga with an animal! This time it is DOGA, which is yoga with dogs! Now you can do yoga with a room full of puppies to make it even more relaxing! 

I have read that stroking a dog can help with health problems. I generally advocate that you cannot always believe what you read, however, I do believe this one and have taken it from personal experience of stroking my two darlings!

But back to DOGA - this is run by Studio 3, who know the key to inner peace – puppies. Perhaps you have heard of hot yoga, goat yoga and even beer yoga - and now you can attend puppy yoga! The venue for these classes is 691 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds.

Yoga with dogs gives that slightly different twist to doing yoga and would make it even more fun.

At their Moonee Ponds Studio 3 classes, you can book in for a 60-minute DOGA class. This class will be a combination of vinyasa and yin yoga. Here the puppies wander around the studio. Experienced yogis and newcomers alike can improve their well-being and connect with their bodies with the help of some very cute furry friends.

The next class is on Saturday 6th April 2019 and the one after that is on 15th June 2019. There are only up to 20 people per class, so make sure you go to their website where you can find out more. You can also see more at their Facebook page. The cost of these classes is $30 per person.

They will be using seven wolfhound puppies for their April classes. The dogs they use are all rescue dogs and 100% of proceeds will go to Second Chance Animal Rescue. They have already raised thousands of dollars for this worthy organisation.

All of the puppies in the sessions come from Second Chance Animal Rescue at 30-34 Adrian Road, Campbellfield. They are an animal welfare organisation who are dedicated to improving the lives of local companion animals and providing them with their forever homes.

The proceeds from Studio 3's DOGA classes will all go towards the community animal hospital that Second Chance is building. 

It is also hoped that by having these classes with dogs, that there will be more adoptions of these animals going to their forever homes. Once you have done a class with puppies, there is no turning back!

Please note - this is not a BYO dog event as these dogs are coming from a shelter. The event is also to raise awareness about the shelter animals. 

Should you want to get there by public transport, the following is relevant: 
The studio is a seven-minute walk from Moonee Ponds Train Station. It is a three-minute walk from the Moonee Ponds Bus Interchange where multiple buses stop including the 404, 472, 475, 476, 477, 483, 501, 504, 505, 506 and 508.

Why? For yoga with dogs
When: 6th April and 15th June 2019
Where: 691 Mt Alexander Road Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039
Cost: $30
To book click on the link below!
Author: Finy